Animals 1
With the bunnies & the frogs I have given you a choice of two versions; unoptimized or optimized.  There are some animations that do not look very good when optimized, but for the most part many animations can be optimized and save valuable space on your web pages. 

As for the chicken, it is possible to make the chicken transparent, but as you can see any background you place him on will show up in parts of the animation.  It would be best to place a transparent animation like this one on a dark background.

3.77kb Unoptimized
9.34kb Unoptimized
2.96kb Optimized
6.45kb Optimized
4.44kb Unoptimzed
8.04 Unoptimized
3.71kb Optimized
5.66kb Optimized
14.5kb solid
14.5 transparent


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