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Welcome to our wee world of animations from GloriAnon. Before you run off to grab some of the many animations below, please read this short tutorial. I've written it in plain language to help you better understand gif animations on web pages. If you want backgrounds for your page go to our background site.

You must download these graphics to your own system, and then upload them to your server/service for use on a web page.  Right click on an image to save it.  Do not link back to one of these graphics from your page.  To view more info on this and to learn what happens when you do that, go HERE

If you are a webtv user, we have setup a mirror site that will allow you to use the transload method to use images on your websites.  Please go to this version of Animations for that option, and links for transloading and other webtv resources.

We have setup our domain so that no direct linking will work on any of our files.  If you try to link directly, all you will is a big X.

For Web TV users who want images on their web pages, here is an address provided by the Mars Hotel, thanks April!

Webtv Linkable Gif Sites~, which provides a list of places where direct linking is allowed.
Animations are a way to add life to your web pages.  There are several things to consider when choosing your animations such as size, looping & transparency. 
The first thing you want to be careful of is to not increase the total kb size of your page to the point that it is hard to open.  One way to reduce the size of an animation is to resize it or edit out some frames.  The other way is to optimize it.  Not all animations can be optimized without spoiling the overall look.  On the page Animals 1, I have given you some examples which show them both ways. 
The next thing to consider is if the animation is transparent or not.  There are many animations that can not be made transparent, but there are some ways around that.  If you are using a light background and your animation has a dark one, you can always set the animation up in a table and add a dark background to just the table.  This also works in reverse for an animation with a white background on a dark page.  On some of these animation pages you will find examples this.  If you take a look at Planets 3, you will find an example of the Earth which shows 3 variations: normal, optimized & transparent.
And finally, you want to make sure your animation is set for infinite looping so that it doesn't stop moving while your page is up.  Also, the global properties should be set so that the animation doesn't move either too fast or too slow.
I have chosen an assortment of animations to put on the following pages.  They represent only a small fraction of my total collection.  All of them have been set to infinite looping, had the timing set, have been made transparent when possible, and then optimized where possible.  These animations represent two years of searches on the web, many purchased CDs, and some of my own creations.
If you are looking for a good source of animations on the web, check out Xoom.  They have many free animations available to the public, and they also have great deals on CDs.  All of my CD animation collections come from Xoom.  I have placed a few Xoom collections such as Chrome and Scrolling Signs on these pages. They are really great if you want your pages to all match with signs and accents.
Join Xoom

Our top animation program is Gif Movie Gear.  Not only is it a great program, it's also very user friendly, easy to use.  Very good frame by frame editing features including moving, rotating, flipping and much more.  The visual frame layout makes editing much easier.  I happen to know that the creator of Gear is always working to give users what they are looking for in an animation program.  Just recently he came out with the latest version of Movie Gear so that it now has the best cropping tool out there.  It's so good that I even use it to crop transparent stills!  If you plan on getting only one animation program, I would advise you to get this one.

Gif Movie Gear

For advanced animation, I would suggest the Animato from Lake Clear.  Users of Corel, Adobe & PSP will enjoy the paint features.  Also includes text features.


•Paint with built-in brushes or create custom brushes •Standard paint tools such as Fill, Circles, Rectangles, Pickup Color, etc...•Select and move sections of an image •Image manipulations: shift, rotate, flip •Draw on all frames of an animation at the same time •32 levels of Undo and Redo •Edit palette & create color gradients.

Well, I guess I will let you get on with checking out the 78 pages of animations now.  You must download these images to your own system, and then upload them to your server to use on a web page.  Do not try to link to the graphics on this site and draw them from my server to your web page.  I will find out!  These are all freely given, I just ask that you place a Link back to this page when you use these graphics on your site. Save the button below, place it on your page, and link it back to this page. 

If you are looking for custom animation work, send us an email or check out our business pages.  We are a growing new business and will give you very good rates.  Just right click on the animations to save them.  There are only 6 animations that you will have to click on a link to view.  I've tried to keep the pages small enough for easy loading, but animations DO require more time to load than plain text.  Some of the really cute animals originate with Kitty Roach.  Visit her site for some great original animations to add that special touch to your web page.

Animals - Computers
Dividers - Fish
Flowers - Planes 
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