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As of July 28, 1999, all direct linking as been blocked on our domain.  Thaks to our server adding new software, we now have all image, sound, zip and font files blocked so that no one can link directly to them to use them for their web pages, email lists, chat rooms, etc.  If you want to use anything you find on our domain, you will have to download it to your computer.  Sorry webtv users, but you do need a hard drive to store files.  The same rules still apply to any orginal graphics that I have designed.  You must place a link back to us, and you can not state any original works are your own creation.  Other than that, you are free to use anything you like as long as you upload it to your own server.  You may not copy any of our web pages to post as your own either.  Please do your own work or don't do anything at all.  If anyone still tries to direct link, we will still be receiving violation mail.  We will still continue to report violators.

Before you read through the rest of this page, let me say that it started out as a temp page while I renamed my files, but I'm going to leave it up for many reasons.I know it looks pretty boring from the usual style of my web pages, but since this is to spread information, I have kept it small.  And for those of you who don't realize how serious this is, I received a letter from one site I had written to that was being linked to.  It seems I was too late.  Her service pulled her site for excessive bandwidth use.  She lost her entire business site because people were linking directly to images on her server!  We must put a stop to this violation!

I find I must also add this note. It's been a long time since I added any violation updates to this sad page, and the reason is that there were just so many violations that I couldn't continue to list them here. Things finally got so bad that I had to shut down our animation site for a period of time. One angry person email bombed us over not being allowed to link directly. Shutting down the entire site brought out so many more linkers that we just couldn't keep up with them.

But...our server has added a new program that will not allow any inline/direct linking at all. Not one image or sound file will be available to direct linkers. I intend to send out the technical information to all the other graphic sites I communicate with and also to WebGuard. I'm sorry that people on the Internet have forced us to take such drastic steps, but we have no other option. What's the point in my paying a monthly fee for my server and fast service for my visitors if so many people link directly that I become just like any other free service? March 23, 1999 GloriAnon

    My Reasons:

  1.     I've found that these violations are wide spread.
  2.     I want to educate webpage builders.
  3.     I'm going to give out information for support groups.
  4.     I want to make it clear that your server can and will pull a site for this violation.

Many people have tried direct linking to images on my server.  By this I mean they have not actually uploaded the image to their service.  Instead they place a link on their page so my image will appear on their page.  This is not the same as placing a visible link back to my site showing people where they got the image/images from.  A link back to my site actually takes a person to my page.

For all of you who are confused:  Yes, these images are here for you to use, but only after you have downloaded them to your computer.  Let me try to explain this for those who are still confused.

Everytime someone puts a link on their page to one of my graphics so that this image will appear on their site, my server is being used to load the image to their page.  Now just image the phone system when everyone is trying to call home on a holiday.  That's what happens with my service.  It becomes very busy answering all those calls to everyone's page on the web that is linking to something on my server.  That takes away bandwidth from me, and the bottom line is that it ties up my server so that my pages begin to load slowly.  Keep in mind that I use a paid service with a monthly fee.  I do this so that I don't have to depend on all the free services being offered that run so slow because of all the people accessing them.  For every person who thinks it is fine to just link to me, I get slower and slower.  Pretty soon my visitors complain that it's taking too long for my pages to load.

When I took my entire animation site down, something called flags were tripped from all the people on the web linking to my server.  We have protection on our server that sends us the address of all people trying to draw from our PAID server.   Warning!  Anyone linked to my server at that time will be caught!

I have received some negative mail from those who were caught when I took the site down.  I have had comments such as, " it is beyond my comprehension to understand your bandwidth problem."  I tried explaining in simple terms to that person.  They replied that if I had the images up for the public, then it was their right to do what they did.  I assure you, it isn't.  It's called Stealing Bandwidth.  It's illegal!  You can be shut down by your service if you get caught doing it.  Just because we are on the Internet does not mean there are not rules and regulations.  And for anyone that thinks they can also use any copyright material, think again.  The web is a place of business for many people, and there are copyright laws that will shut your site down if you do not abide by them.  I also received some very angry mail from people accusing me of not sharing.  Well..when they chip in on my server bill, I'll let them draw images from my server!

I have received very positive feedback from other graphic sites.  They too have been slowed down by all the sites linking in to their servers.  We are going to make an effort to watch out for abuses and inform each other when we find them.  We do not want a few bad apples to ruin it for the rest of our visitors who deserve better.  Here are a couple of great resources if you are having this problem.  Or go there if you don't understand.  They give out lots of information that is very educational.

For a very good guide to both copyright and bandwidth problems on the web, visit James' S. Huggins Refrigerator Door.  He has lots of information and links for your education.

And for anyone STILL confused, these images have been placed on this site for you to use....just download them first.  I want to continue making web graphics available for people making web pages.  I've worked hard to provide many free graphics, so please download but DO NOT try to link to my server!  All you will do is hurt the people who are happy to download these graphics!  I don't need them, I already have them.

Some Pulled Sites For Violations:
These are posted as a warning that it can happen to you too.     Pulled by Tripod  10/19/98
Dewbabie realized her graphic was gone, so she went and got another person's graphic.  I wrote to that person, and he removed his file.  She went out and got another person's image, and I wrote to him.  Finally......Tripod pulled her site!  pulled by Tripod.  9/17/98
    This site would not respond to any of our email.  Finally....pulled by Tripod.  9/17/98    Pulled by Tripod 9/17/98

All of the following sites were pulled by their service: 9/13/98 for stealing bandwidth:

Dated Postings:
Our domain is finally protected 100% from Bandwidth Theft.  All direct linking will from now on be protected by a special script.  For those who still try it, we will continue to receive reports which we will follow up on.  When we find sites that are taking all their graphics from other graphic sites, we will report them to these other sites and to the server the offender is on.  Services are getting better about removing any sites that link directly.  So be forewarned.

See the new posting on the top section of this page.
We once again changed the animation subfolder name, and I was very upset to see some people actually follow the name change to continue to link.  This proves that they are doing this in full knowledge that what they are doing is wrong.  I am sending out stronger emails to other graphic sites and receiving some very good replys.  Be warned linkers, there are a growing  number of us who are going to unite to fight this.....and the more we unite the more difficult it will be for you to get away with this.  Now where did I put that address for CNET.....
Linking sites and their status updated.  I have just emailed at least 10 other graphic sites that I've found while checking to see if my graphics are still being linked to.  The best defense is a good offense.  If you find any other sites being linked to when you investigate, please write to the owner of that site.  Our backgrounds site is now protected by a subfolder that will have it's name changed once a month along with the animations.  Any linkers at that time will lose any graphics they have linked to.  To date we have dealt with over 5,000 violations.  If you run a chat room, please stop linking to graphics!.
Some people have resorted to writing me nasty emails when I change the file names on my server.  Let me just say...On my server I can name a file anything I want to.  You link to my server, you get what you get.  Don't link to get what you want, upload to your own service for your own good.
This page is now officially one of my regular pages.  Check out the links I have placed here for lots of very useful information.  Today I became a Web Guard Member.
We have been buried in thousands of violations all together.  I've made it a point to email every other site affected.  One of our worst problems is when a chat room links to our server.  We can get up to 2,000 violation mails at a time from this!!!
After 12 straight hours of hard work, the animation site is ready to go back up.  I will be changing the location of the images once a month, be forewarned.
After almost 24 hours of tracking down the offenders, I have a comment to make.  Some of these sites are mild offenders, but some pull all their images from somebody else's server!  If you are one of these offenders, I am emailing every other site you are stealing bandwidth from!!!  We have processed over 1,000 violations over the past 24 hours too.  Now I am off to rename the files and redo 80 pages of html so I can get this site back up for all my really wonderful visitors.  I appreciate all of you, and am sorry for this down time.  I may have to do this every now and then to keep my service to you running as fast as it should be.

You may visit our large selection of backgrounds for the web at: GloriAnon's Background World.  To find some nice art to go along with your backgrounds visit Creative Web Art.  Return to Animations main page, or stop by our Sitemap for a complete listing of all our web sites.

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