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Welcome to a lovely gallery of framed images for the web.  Want to dress up your page with a little piece of art?  Then browse through a wide variety of images with several classic frames and some of my own original frames.  The photos used in these works are full quality, royalty free.  If you are looking for just a wee accent, then right click on a thumbnail and choose Save As.  But, if you would like a larger graphic for a bold statement, then click on the thumbnail to save the full size image.

All the graphics produced for this site were done using Paint Shop Pro.  For a complete tutorial on using PSP, visit my technically friendly tips & tutorial site for PSP.  Or go check out Graphic Buds PSP Group Original hearts provided by Gentle Lady, framing by moi.

I ask one small thing of you, please take this wee link and use it to link back to this site when using images found here.

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Classic Gold 
Classic Marble
Lovely Flowers
Fuzzy Teddys
Warm Wood 
Cool Silver 
Visit my wet & cool Dolphin Art

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