Bester P12
I was born on the planet Earth during a time of great change. The people of Earth had reached out and touched the stars. With the added knowledge and technology from many alien races, mankind was free to sail the seas of the universe as they had once sailed upon the ocean's of Earth. I was one of those travelers who happily explored other worlds far beyond our sun.
On one of these far-flung worlds, I was taken in by a group of telepaths who recognized my latent psi powers. After they had trained me fully, I was given a new name, Bester P12. . It was while visiting the planet Celtia that I became strongly linked to GloriAnon. Together we formed a close telepathic bond which we have used for good wherever we roam. Many a time we have had to rely on each other in the middle of a brutal war.
Through the years we have had many adventures together. With the aid of a dimensional gate, we have experienced more than one universe. We fought against the Shadows in the Babylon 5 universe, and then traveled to the universe of the Federation where we encountered the Dominion. In recent times I have been busy waging a resistance battle with powerful forces that seek total control.
 Along with my psi abilites, I work in operations. Computers are what I really love to work with. Just give me a complex problem to work on, and I forget everything else around me at the time. One of my favorite experiences was getting a chance to work by the side of Data. The only problem I had was with his cat Spot. Glori loves cats, and this is one of the only things we have ever disagreed on. I let her have her way, she would have her cats wear a comm badge.

Just give me a good computer and an adventure in space, then I will be happy, no matter what else is going on in the universe.

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