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Here you go, all those links so many of you have asked for. Some of these will prove very useful, others are just a couple of our favorites.  Still others are just for fun.  Hope you can use them!

Need some help out there on the web?  A new browser maybe? Or maybe you can't hear the sounds on some pages.  These links should help you.  Netscape and Internet Explorer are the two browsers we use.  And... we make all the web pages in Netscape.


Internet Explorer

 Having trouble hearing all those great sounds on the web?
Then get plugged in!

Crescendo by LiveUpdate!
This is Crescendo's Main Page
Crescendo Stream Sites
Check out sites using streaming
 Real Networks
Creators of Streaming Real Media
 Download Real Player
Go here to download the free player


Computer & Windows Help

Computer Clinic (
Windows 95 Tips and Tricks
Computer Clinic Store
2,001 Tips * WINDOWS Magazine Winter 1997
Windows95 OSR2 FAQ
Winter 97 2,001 Tips: Windows 95 Explorer
Ron's Place
Malek's Win95 Tips Page (Batch files, Basics)
Tips from Ron
Chip's Windows95 and Internet Explorer Resource
Downloads from Ron
Chip's Windows95 Home Page

Looking for some great Shareware & addons for your Windows on the web?
Win95: The best 32-bit Shareware
SHAREWARE.COM: find shareware
Windows 95 Animated Startup Logo
Microsoft DirectX 5 Download
Power/Kernel Toys for Windows
Win95 32-bit Hardware Driver Updates Online Store

OK.....who hasn't been to Tucows yet?  Raise your hoof.  Tucows is one of the best sites on the web to browse for all those tools & programs you've been thinking about getting.   Tucows is set up for easy searching in specific catagories.  Not only do they provide the downloads, they also provide information on the programs that can help you decide which one fits your needs.  And a 5 Cow rating of a program is a seal of approval.  Tucows has a main address which I will give you the link for.  Once there, you can choose the region of the country that is nearest to you.  But just in case you want to hop right to a specific catagory, I will also give you some of the individuals links from
Welcome to TUCOWS
Image Editors for Windows 95
Windows95 Software TuCows
Image Animators for Windows 95
Utilities for Windows 95
Image Viewers for Windows 95
Libraries for Windows 95
Cache Viewers for Windows 95
Internet Tools for Windows 95
HTML Editors-Beginner for Win95
HTML Accessories for Windows 95
HTML Editors-Advanced for Win95

Smartcomp.  The best computer store we have ever shopped in!  You can order online too.

CNET.  One of the best sources of information on all that tech stuff.

Cafe Java Shoppe.  Looking for great Java stuff?  Visit the cafe.

Java Home Page

Shark's Frames Tutorial. This is a great site for anyone wanting to know how to use frames. Great site for hardware reviews and information on the newest games.

Welcome to Xoom  ....Great site for web help, graphics, animations, etc.

The HTML Writers Guild ........Have you got what it takes to join?

Some of our favorite graphic programs for doing web pages

Paint Shop Pro ......This program is a real work horse.  It has been compared to Adobe Photoshop.  We have both Corel & Adobe programs that we use, but we do most of our web work in the Paint Shop Pro program.  Lots of editing features & easy to use. It gets a 5 Cat rating from me. Hey! I'm a cat person! We now have a tutorial for PSP 5.0. It's easy to understand, covers most aspects of the program, and also has filters that work with the program, fonts, and other helpful things. Click here to go there.

Gif Movie Gear ....For editing animations, I haven't found a better program yet! Very easy to use, and gets great results.  Works wonders with transparencies, and has an easy to work with frame by frame visual layout.  I give this program a 5 Cat rating.

Ulead Animation ...This program has the best optimizations features for reducing gif animations.  Also has many other editing & special effects features. It gets 4 1/2 Cats.

Ulead Cool 3D ......Want to create those great looking 3D titles you see on the web?  Then try this program.  In case you have never used a 3D program before, make sure your system can handle it.  I'm running a system with 72mg of memory, a 166MMX CPU, and a Diamond Stealth video card with 4mg of onboard memory.  Even with all this, the program for building a 3D runs very slowly and takes up a lot of the system's resources. For final results it gets 5 Cats, for operating performance, a 4 Cat rating.

 The latest version of I View is available for download here if you have any problems accessing the homepage while it's being redone.  Download I Irfan's Home-Page This is simply the best quick viewer out there.  Here are  some of the many features:
Supported File Formats Includes:  JPEG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF, ICO, AVI, WAV, MID, WMF, Photo-CD & many more.
Features Includes:  Drag&Drop support, slideshow, batch conversion, print option, change the color depth, scan support  and many more ...
Animated-GIF support; Multiple-ICO support, Multipage-TIFF support.  FREEWARE for use at home.  I give this one 5 cats.

These are just a couple of my own personal links.  That would be me, Glori.  I am the football fan in our house!::::just shakes head at Bester:::
Monday Night Football
Yahoo Search Engine
Ticketmaster Box Office
National Weather Service: Yahoo
Current Roger Ebert Movie Reviews

And the rest of these are for fun.  If you haven't been to
Bob's Fridge Door yet, you don't know what you are missing!
The Satire on Bob's Fridge Door from Cybersat...
Welcome to America Outtaline
 Logging on to America Outtaline
Computers are annoying
 America NOT for Dummies
The Sludge Report
 Funny Features
Poke fun at AOL
(not from Bob, but it fits here)

Well......that's all for now. that we have actually started posting these links, keep coming back for updates and additions.  By then I think I will have talked Bester into making some real pretty tables for this page.  Oh, small update:I made the tables!

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