Enter the Old & Ancient Places
I first fell in love with the magical realm of Elves with the world of  Middle Earth.  I have often felt quite deeply in my spirit that the tale of this world was not just fantasy; instead, it was indeed a mystical place that has somehow been forgotten in our "modern" world.  If you would like to find out about my place in this other world, then visit my history pages and learn how GloriAnon was raised in an Elven village. GloriAnon also has a special world called Celtia, a place of fantasy & dreams.  Celtia has a sister planet called Kree where anything could & does happen.  If you would like to learn more about Faeries & Elves, then follow the path of links below.  And for a look at some beautiful faeries in my garden, then please visit the Faery Garden.
    Welcome to Lavendise - vale of the fae  ...important site with
             many links and great information
    Raven's Keep Links  ...a must for the lover of Faeries, Wicca
             & Celtic sites ...good links
    WhiteRaven's Homepage  ...beautiful site, visit it
    Welcome to the Faery Wicca Website  ...a spiritual journey &
             important links
    Otherworlds  ...beautiful page for Faery & Elf lovers with
             important links to other sites
    Tir Nan Og  ...faerie information & links
    Fairy and Friends Faekith Vale ...fae poetry, spells, info &
            lots of grahpics
    Rebecca's List of Faerie Links  ...nice site, good links
    The Faerie Forest  ...Venture into the mysterious & beautiful
            Faery forest
    Within the Shadows  ...a darker journey into the Faery world
    The Leanan Sidhe  ...learn of the Faery lover
    The Faerie Encyclopedia  ...resource for faerie knowledge
    Faery Folk and Otherkin  ...faery products & links
    The Elves  ...absolutely a wonderful links & info site for elves
     Welcome to my Elven Kingdom ...enter the kingdom & be
             transported to another world, a place of fantasy
     Morgaine Le Fay's Fantasy Realm ...fantasy books, movies,
              art & links
    Rain Sprite  ...beautiful site for romantics

Faery Art
     Brian Froud Faery Archive
     Fairies from Alexandra
     Faerie Art Archive
     Fairy Page from Spaar
     Faeries from Catala

                      Other Faerie sites of interest

     Resources of the Fae
     ~the Realm..of Faerie LiLy~
     The Land of Faerie
     The Faerie Realms
     Faerie Isle
     The Faerie Isle - Faerie Folk
     Faerie trails and forgotten paths...
     Rob's Field Guide to the Faeries
     The Land of the Dark Elves
     Jaun Zuria - The Fair-skinned Lord

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