Welcome to Christmas Village

The Christmas Village is filled with wonder for any age.  This quaint little snowy village is busy getting ready for their favorite holiday and hopes you will drop by to visit.  Since everyone here is very friendly, just walk on in any of the homes to see what's going on.  Oh, and if you like being outside in the snow, just ask a bear, penquin, or a snowman to show you around the fun in the snowy wonderland.  Even the Christmas tree in the center of the village has something to show you!  I just know that kids of all ages will love running all over the place to explore, but if you are shy, there is a guide below the village to direct you.
If you don't see an image then use the elf guide below.

Navigation Guide for Christmas Village
So....you need some directions on where to start your exploring?  Well then, what are you waiting for?  Take my hand.  I wouldn't want you to slip and fall down on the slippery snow.  After I explain everything to you I'm sure you will be brave enough to jump right into the village on your own.
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