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Now don't feel too bad that you had to stop here first.  I must admit that the Christmas Village does have a lot going on in it.  Let me explain a few things so you can move around freely.  There are six main homes in the village.  Each has something special to show you if you enter them by just walking in their front doors.

The Story Family is new to the Village.  Look for that cute little bright red house that sits just at the edge of the Village.  They have something really special to show you this year.  Come enjoy an enchanting original Christmas story featuring Olive, an orphan reindeer.  Follow her trek to the North Pole where she quickly becomes a favorite of Mrs. Claus.  Will Olive ever get to go on the magical trip with Santa on Christmas Eve?
The Trim Family has a very large home so they turned the downstairs into a Christmas Trim Shop.  You will find ornaments, lights, stockings, wreaths, signs, and lots of odds and ends that will help you decorate for the holidays.  GloriAnon has a small workshop in a spare room where you will find some beautiful handmade ornaments.  The Trim home is located as soon as you enter the village.  Just look for the penquins in front of the house.
The Sweet Family also have a very large home.  They have to with all those babies and kids running around.  Oh....they have a lot of cats too!  Anyway, since they have so many kids they have turned part of their house into a gift wrapping center.  They will wrap anything, and I do mean anything!  Just wait until you see some of the strange things they have wrapped.  Look past the two polar bears at the top of the hill for their house.
The Candy Family have a smaller house, so they have just used one large room downstairs and filled it with all kinds of Christmas goodies.  Bring your "sweet" tooth with you, and don't let one of their dogs steal your candy!  And I hope you don't mind mice.  The Candy family are very good hearted people and they provide a home for all those in need.  Nestled in a little group of lovely trees in the center of the village is where you will find their home.
The Candle Family has the brightest house in the village.  You will find some lovely candles to light up your holiday.  They also provide fireplace and household goods, but they haven't set that room up yet so come back soon.  Seeing the workshop the Trims setup for GloriAnon, the Candles set one up for her in their home.  Be sure to take a look at the handmade candles that are ready sitting on the shelves in the workroom.  Even the Angels love the candle shop so visit there if you want to see Angels.  I must warn you to be very careful with your candles.  We wouldn't want to start any fires now would we?  Look under the Angels and you will find the Candle home.
The Spirit Family are the keepers of the heart and soul of Christmas.  Pull up a chair in front of their cozy fireplace and let them share with you the true meaning of Christmas.  Travel to the little town of Bethlehem to witness the birth of the baby Jesus.  They also have the best collection of traditional Christmas art, and I hear that they are getting ready to set up a very nice Victorian gallery so come back soon.  In the spirit of Christmas, look under Santa's sleigh for the Spirit home.
Outside in the Village there is a lot going on.  The Bears will show you quite a lot if you ask them since they just love to play in the snow!  And the sweet Bear Family also loveChristmas Caroling too.  Get ready for lots of fun in the Snow with snowball fights, sledding, and so much more.

Let's not forget that Rudolph will be there too.  You can find the reindeer by catching them in front of Santa's sleigh or from their friend the penquin with the green hat.

Frosty and the other snowmen have quite a large family which they would love to introduce you to.  Frosty is quite proud of the many looks he can achieve with a little snow.

Now the Penquins are a bit of a mystery.  For some reason Santa allows them to show you around his secret world where you can watch him get ready for the big night.  I hear they are planning to display some really funny moments of Christmas as soon as Santa isn't looking.  The one with the red hat is Santa's special little friend.  You can also find Santa if you can catch him driving the sleigh over the Village.

The Christmas Tree in the center of the village will take you to meet many Christmas trees,  both outdoors in the crisp snow and in the cozy  homes of the village.  And guess what?  The Snowy Woods Trails are open!  Be sure to explore the 4 different trails with lots of snow.  Oh....if you don't like the thing called Java there are another set of the same trails without the Java snow.  Santa magically did that.  Just look in the trees to the left of the village, near the Candle home.

Speaking of Angels, there are a pair of beautiful ones singing over the top of the Candle home.  I'm sure they will take you to meet many of the others.

Well, that's about it.  I'll go one step further and write out exactly where you can find everything on a nice navigation bar.  Have fun!  Mark the location of the village so you can come back often to see how things are coming along.

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