The Candle Family
The Candle Shop, run by the Candle family, is a bright spot in the little Christmas Village.  We welcome you to our humble home of light.
Go to the Candle Family front yard
We just love the Christmas season in our home.  It's a time of joy and light for the world.  Take one of our bright candles with you as you walk through the Village.  Let the light shine on your path and on those around you.  To see some special candles made by the visiting artist GloriAnon, stop in the Workshop.  We also provide fireplaces and other odds & ends for your needs.  Visit the Sunroom to pick out what you want. more thing.  Even the Angels love the light of our candles.  There are many sweet angels visiting here right now if you would like to meet them.  Be sure to take some time to visit the multitude of heavenly bodies that reside here.
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