The Sunroom
This is where we put our special fireplaces and little extras for the holidays.  Won't you have a seat in this nice warm, sunny room and have a slice of Christmas cake the Candy family baked?  Just step over the golden glow ball that rolled in here from our candle workroom. did you think we got such a lovely glow in our candles?  On My!!!  How did the Trim cats get in here?  I hope they don't bat the glow ball around!
While you relax and eat your cake, take a look at our catalog.  When you are ready to choose which items you want, just say the word and we will direct you to them.  The first eight items are located to the left side of the sunroom, and the four large fireplaces are to the right side of the room.  Let me open the catalog so you can look through it.
The Sunroom Catalog

Left & Right Sides of Sunroom

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