The Sweet Family
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Welcome to our home.  Just walk on in....we're real friendly.  Oh, hope you like kids and animals.  We have a houseful of babies too, one of those real interesting events that gets put on TV sometimes.  And I hope you aren't allergic to cats since we have a whole room full of the critters.  If you need any gift wrapping done, bring it on in with you...we are quite the experts here.  Just don't bring us anymore growing alligators to wrap!

Yep, we sure do have a house full of kids and fun.  Feel free to walk around and see how busy we've been getting ready for Christmas.  Since we do have so many small children, our village depends on us to keep up with all the latest toys and gift wrapping ideas.  Oh, we also have a room filled with cuddly, cute things.  No, not our kids!  But they are cute aren't they?  Just step over them carefully...the kids that is.  And smack that cat in the nursery please!

Sweet Family Upstairs: Babies The babies are upstairs in the nursery.  I'm sorry about the cats on the stairs.  I'll have some of the older kids round them up.
Now you be sure to bring all your gift wrapping needs here.  Since we have so much going on here right now, we haven't gotten all our supplies together yet so stop by again to see just how much we do here.
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