Come on in!
You must be chilly after that sleigh ride.  Come sit by the fire and let us tell you about the meaning of Christmas.
Christmas is the time when the world is a little bit nicer, when people are a little bit kinder.  Children dream of presents under the bright shining tree, and parents are filled with a sense of peace and hope for the future.  We smile at others as we go about our business, and we hum sweet tunes that brighten the day.  Families gather together to renew the bonds of love while church bells sing the dawn of a new day.  Come view the images of this special time from our own collection.

You can visit the little town of Bethlehem as the Wise Men follow the Star.  Look with awe standing next to shepherds watching their flocks, and then move into the stable to see the miracle of Christmas.

If you go into the den, you can view our collection of a traditional Christmas.  Sleigh rides, churches, bells ringing....all the traditions we hold dear when preparing for the holidays.  We also have a very lovely collection of the Victorian Children of Christmas.  Two full albums are open in the den.

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Victorian Children of Christmas  l  Painting of Our Neighborhood  l  Painting of Our Church
The Christmas Village
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