It's Snowing!
Do you just love to watch it snow?  Then take a walk through our many wonderful wooded trails.  Use the compass to pick the direction you would like to travel in.  There will be a map for you to follow once you start walking on the trails so that you won't get lost.  To the North expect to see Santa.  West is where the woods are the thickest and where the angels play in the snow.  To the East is the lovely countryside, and to the South the kids are playing in the snow.  Bring your Java with you since it's snowing like crazy!  You don't use Java? That's ok then. We asked Santa to magically stop the snow for you. There is another path for you to follow.  And here's a small hint to help you if the going gets slow.  Try the trail without snow first so you will be all packed up for the snowy ones.
North, South, East, West.Compass Map for Walking in the Woods
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