Bordered Backgrounds
The gallery is now open.  Browse through hundreds of specially made bordered backgrounds that will set your pages apart from the others.  The gallery is divided up into sections of interest.  All of the backgrounds are 1024 in width, and range in height from 90 - 130.  These files are small in size, the average size being around 5kb,  unless the white part is a texured pebble. Many of the borders also come with at least one other color for each image.  Quite a few also have a drop shadow version.  You can find many of the images used for these borders in the framed images Creative Web Art section, adding a nice matching touch for your page. 
If you use one of these original borders, please place a wee link back to this site.  Thank you and enjoy.
This section of the backgrounds is best viewed at 800x600
Abstracts 1 Abstracts 2 Abstracts 3
Abstracts 4
Fabrics 1
Fabrics 2
Beads & Things 1 Beads & Things 2 Beads & Things 3
Flowers & Things 1 Flowers & Things 2 Flowers & Things 3
Flowers & Things 4 Flowers & Things 5 Teddys1
Teddys2 Bird Borders Assorted Borders
Images 1 Images 2 Side Border Entrance

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