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Welcome to my own small tribute to the magic that is the Dragon.   Since I was but a small child, I have loved these great and magical creatures.  In my travels, I always look to find an open portal which will allow me to enter into their realm.  While I continue to search, I find happiness in the creation of magical places in this world.  If you choose to visit my own world of Celtia, you will certainly find dragons there.  And in the kingdom of Kree, it is a mighty dragon that keeps watch over us all.  Let us not forget the world of Pern where dragons fight along with their riders to save that world from the dreaded thread.  You may also follow the links below to explore the love that others hold for the ones called Dragons.  Enter and be graced by their wisdom & beauty.
Sable Dragon's Dragon Page - Links 
  Mega dragon links site; colored dragon heads to rate the sites 
Alt.fan.dragons: information & files on dragons. 
  Mega site rated the best by Sable 
DragonCaves  ...very nice links site 
HERE BE DRAGONS! ...a loving & great dragon site 
Trouble's Dragons & Fantasy Page 
  Excellent links page for Dragons & Castles 
Castle on the Web 
  A must link page for every dragon in search of a good castle 
Dragon Page ...learn about dragons here 
Windseeker's Home Page ...home of dragons & other creatures
DragonWorks Realm  ...dragons and much, much, more...
CrystalBalz\cb1  ...from Dragon Works...8 pages of wonder
Dragon Backgrounds by GloriAnon
Mythical Creatures  ...visit the dragons of Celtia; this is my  
  home planet where myth becomes reality
The Kingdom of Kree  ...visit the sister planet of Celtia &   
  meet the dragon guardian of the Keep 
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