The Far Knight

Sir Evan MonteGarde
"Knight of the Four Rings"

FarKnight's tale begins many years past in the small mountainous Kingdom of Valinor; found on the world known as Ter Von. Born into a family of minor nobility, he was soon shunted off to tutors and schooling in the duties of a Squire in training.

A view of Far's ancestral castle and moat
As second born, he was never to inherit his ancestral lands or estates since they would go to his elder brother. However, his quick wit and calm demeanor landed him a rare position in the Noble Order of the Royal Peak Watch.  This ancient Ter Vonian Knightly Order had traditionally fulfilled two functions:
1. Guard all borders of the world from evil no matter what form that evil may take.
2. Provide a personal retinue of guards for the ruling houses of the world.
Evan excelled as a squire, and soon gained enough prowess to attempt the Quest by Endeavor. This quest would lead the aspiring Peak Watch knight to his test of courage. Succeed, and the squire would become a knight of the Order; fail and he would die. The quest Evan was charged with undertaking proved ardous, and two years transpired before a badly battered, yet successful squire, returned to the Peak Watch's mountain top citadel.

Following his Trial by Combat, and yet another grueling personal quest, Evan succeeded. He was knighted Sir Evan of the Four Rings. ( these magical rings being gained on his quest and described in another tome)

As the Fates willed it, the new knight met the fair Princess Alyssa, the King of Valinor's only child and heir to the throne. The two struck it off rather well, and soon the Princess had Evan transferred to her personal retinue of bodyguards. One round of champagne and strawberries led to another, and before too long the entire Valinorian Court was whispering everwhere about the "relationship".

The wise King Thunderfist knew trouble when it was in the making. While he truly admired Evan, the needs of the state dictated that Alyssa be bethrothed elsewhere. It was with a heavy heart that he called the young knight into his Royal Council. He then played the one card he held that he knew would prove fatal to Evan's relationship with his daughter: The Far Quest!
The Far Quest was an ancient Peak Watch tradition wherein a knight of great prowess was charged to go errant extremis (eg. leave and never come back). The Far Knight, as one so charged was called, would live the remainder of his days searching not only his world, but also distant worlds upon an endless quest that would only be fulfilled with his death. Rather than an outright banishment, it was viewed as a great personal and family honor, but a sad privilege none-the-less. If at all possible, the Far Knight was to send back to Valinor and Ter Von dispatches of his travels, quests, and adventures.

And so Evan became the Far Knight. With one tearful fleeting taste of Alyssa's soft warm lips, he left his homeland and his world never to return. He traveled for many years throughout time and space. Far Knight saw many new things, and he had a variety of adventures. Through his travels he learned, lived, and loved...yet remaining always faithful to his Peak Watch vows of honesty, integrity, and courage. The memory of Alyssa never faded from his mind, and nightly still he reamins tortured by his love and desire for her.

Turn the page to read of FarKnights travels and many adventures. He has seen many things during his travels, so be never know what you might find!

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