he Travels of Far Knight
Evan's life took an even more complicated turn on the world of Aspar where a soul blade, known as DragonSlayer, sought and paired with him. Saille, the being within Slayer, had been waiting (it would seem) centuries for his arrival, and she made no pretense about enjoying the wait.
Armed with his new and awesome weapon, Far (as Evan had became known) continued his travels and his discoveries. He soon learned that he had a half-brother named Greff. Evan had never known of his Father's off-world quest until that fateful day when he met Greff in Pelar. As DragonSlayer met the soul blade DeathMaker in combat, the blades soon stopped. Through them the brothers learned who they were. Vowing never to fight each other again, Lord Greff and Far parted. Visit Greff , or his other brother Simmy. 
One late and mysterious evening, Far fell into a portal of some kind and ended-up in a strange and mythical woods called the Deep Forest. Here he met an old man named Mortibus who told him that his fate lay in the Eclipse cafe. Far went there, and soon he met a warrioress named AzureScrap, and a warrior named CrimsonClaw. And the rest, as they say....is ongoing :-)!

Far is currently on adventure back in Valinor with his comrade the warrioress Shaianin, also a soul blade wielder. Together Shai and Far, both adventurers with no true place to call home, are embarked on a great and awesome quest. Where it shall lead them is uncertain, but it has implications for Far's homeworld and his new home of Kree.

May their journey be blessed
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