Dragon guard flying over the Keep

Kree is a very special place where interesting & talented people have gathered to form a bond of friendship.  In Kree you can find Dragons, Unicorns, Mages, Amazon Warriors, Telepaths, Vampires & Warriors determined to fight evil.  In the beginning of Kree, a hunt took place to find the mystical White Stag.  A great evil fell upon Kree at this time, and it still torments those in Kree at times.  A Rift opened up about then which has caused a great deal of trouble to the land and all that live there.  The Rift is like an open door to other worlds, and you never know what might come through.  At the Standing Stone Circle, great harm was done from the effect of the rift, and there is fear that it might mean the end of the Kree we all love.

It is hoped that the brave people of Kree will be able to solve the riddle of the Rift before it destroys all that Kree stands for.  The Amazon Warrior Sisters have led the way in this battle with such amazing ones as Xena, Yeahbeau, Shaianin & others of their guild. They are aided by gifted Mages such as Meeragor & Glithcalis.

The Vampire Talon joined Kree recently with his ship which is kept at the Spaceport.  The shadow ship Takki is also there, but keeping a low profile right now due to being hunted by the Shadows.  FarKnight leads many of the quests for answers to the riddle of the Rift, and has his work cut out for him with the disappearance of Queen Chirruh.  In her absence, the faithful keep watch over the Keep with steadfast loyalty.


Bester P12 & GloriAnon form a strong telepathic team, and they have offered their services  in times of trouble.

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