in my magical fantasy pages.  I must warn you though, you may never  be able to leave this place.  Please be patient with those special pages that contain animations to entertain you. Visit here often.....I am always searching the far reaches of the world to find more facinating places to visit. 

Assorted Fantasy Sites in my "Wee World"
Dragon Magic  ...enter the realm of wise & beautiful dragons 
The Realm of Celtia own fantasy/sci-fi world
The Kingdom of Kree ...sister world of Celtia
Xena: Warrior Princess  ...a very special friend and a brave warrior
Far Knight ...a brave Knight on a quest that could prove deadly to him
Bester P12  ...Glori's best friend and telepathic partner... psi one
The Blue Guardian ...sharing the heart of GloriAnon (and meet ecco)
Vampires  (if you dare!) Quite a "death" defying experience !!!

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Main Sci-Fi Entrance ...enter here if you don't want to miss all the fun! Watch out for phaser fire!

Great links, animations, image gallerys, original stories, fantasy worlds
& much more...leap into the space bar to visit all the worlds
 Science Fiction/Fantasy Web Rings

Celtic, Faerie, Pagan & Wicca Links
Main page... ...touch the pegasus to fly there,
or choose where to start you exploration if flying scares you:
Celtic/Pagan Entrance PageCeltic/Pagan Links & Info,
Celtic EntertainmentCeltic Groups & MerchantsFaerie World,
Original Celtic Fantasy Art Gallery ,  Celtic & Pagan Web Rings
  Cats  ...cute animations & links with fanciful stories 
The Arts ...Music, Graphics, Animations, Artists & much more;
A large links page leading to helpful sites to start your own fantasy world

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