he Membership
Membership in the order is granted only rarely and is strictly by invitation only. A certain knight or noble warrior may distinguish themselves so much that the order takes notice and offers them the "Quest of Endeavor", the first stage to selection. If the candidate accepts and succeeds in this quest, they then move on to the "Trial by Combat" where the order tests the candidate's mettle in physical, spiritual, and magical combat. Finally, the candidate is assigned to a suitable personal quest which, when fulfilled, permits them to apply for provisional membership. A new member remains provisional for 10 years at which time, if they have been successful within the order, they are formally knighted as a Knight of the PeakWatch, and permitted to wear the order's coat-of-arms and insignias.
MOTTO: To the ends of time and space the Peak Watch shall always stand true.

VOWS: Honesty, Integrity, and Courage.

OATH: I _________ swear fealty upon this blade which symbolizes my very soul to the Noble Order of The Peak Watch and all her knights. I will be first in attack and last in retreat. I will be humble and giving of spirit, and always place the safety of others first. I shall endeavor to learn from all experiences, and grow in wisdom to enhance the good of all God's creation. I shall protect the borders of my kingdom, be they physical or otherwise, from the intrusions of any evil. I shall uphold the oath of the Order, and always stand for Honesty, Integrity, and Courage. This I swear to uphold even at the risk of my blood or cost of my life.

HIGH KNIGHT'S RESPONSE: :::::::places the Order's sacred sword on the applicant's shoulders while reciting::::::::: In acceptance of your oath, rise Sir ________, Noble Knight of the ancient Noble Order of the Peak Watch! May you serve well and true and your honor shine among us.

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Lord Evan; Knight of Truth
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