Founded millennia ago, the Valinorian Royal Order of The PeakWatch is a sacred knightly Order dedicated to the protection of the innocent and the seeking out and destruction of evil throughout all of creation.

The order gained its name due to the fact that its citadel headquarters was situated high in Valinor's perpetually snow-capped mountains. From this vantage point, the order was said to "watch" over the people below and protect the borders from intrusions.
A closer view of the inner sanctum of the Royal Peakwatch
The term "borders" had more meaning than the physical borders of the Kingdom of Valinor on the planet of Ter means any and every entry point into that plane of existence across the entire spectrum of time and space.

The Order has flourished and grown since its inception so long ago in the haze of the dawn of time. Knightsof the PeakWatch have ventured off world, and even off universe, in their perennial quest against evil through out time and space. The Order can be found in many places and on many worlds in many different times. However, all orders owe allegiance and take directives from the Inner Sanctum of the PeakWatch and its leader the High Knight, still located high in the Valinorian peaks.


The order's age and experience has allowed it to learn of many worlds, cultures, and powers, many of which the order has adopted for its own use. The order is adept at both technology of the highest sophistication and also magical or spiritual powers of vast energy. These abilities permit the order to communicate across the voids of time and space with its many knights and chapters. Knights of the order can be found on starships exploring distant galaxies and riding quest horseback on worlds of sword and sorcery.

Perhaps no position better personifies the role and goals of the order than that of the Far Knight. This knight is tested brutally in a series of combat and trial quests to select the ideal candidate. The winner is then charged with questing far off-world and out unto the rim of time in search of evil or particular threats. Thus the term "far" refers to that knight that shall quest far from home and hearth, love and happiness, in an eternal search for justice and the order's needs.
The order selects only one Far Knight every twenty years. The current Far Knight is Sir Evan Montegarde of Valinor, second cousin of Thunderfist, king of that realm. At this time the whereabouts of the FarKnight are uncertain, but it is believed he has found a troubled world known as Kree and quietly established himself there.
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