Far Knight.....Knight of Truth
Recently, Far Knight has joined the order of the Knights of Virtue.  This Knighthood has a strong sense of honor, and Far was pleased to become a part of their guild.  He proudly displays his shield that he received from the guild.
»§«¤»¥«¤»§« Knights of Virtue »§«¤»¥«¤»§«
The Knights of Virtue have a strong sense of order & this is clearly
reflected in how they have set up the chain of command.
Below is a brief look at the Knights of Virtue:
 »§« High Master »§«
The High Master is responsible to ensure that the actions he decides to take are in the best interest of the guild. When a decision is to be made, he will make it himself, or let it be up to the guild. The High Master will listen to whatever ruling the Guild Council makes, and then accept their decision.  The High Master is responsible for tournaments, adventures, meetings, the review of new   applicants, and , finally, to ensure that the guild family have fun.
»§« Second »§«
The Second's responsibilities are to speak to the High Master, and to ensure that what he or she is doing is best for the guild. When the High Master is away due to outside circumstances, the Second will take the High Masters  place.
  »§« Guild Champion »§«
The Guild champion is determined each month by tournament. He/she will have first claim to any defense of anyone’s honor in the guild. And they will serve as the Champion inside the Guild for the High Master and the Second.
The Knights of Virtue stand for all the Virtues of Knighthood, but three have been selected to stand at the forefront; Honor, Truth, and Wisdom.  You can visit any of the three Knights of Virtue by touching their beautiful shields.
»§« Knights of Honor »§«
The Knights of Honor are the defenders of the guild Honor. They will have the first opportunity to defend the guild's or any member's honor if in question. They are responsible for the guilds honor more then any others.
»§« Knights of Truth »§«
The Knights of Truth are responsible to the guild for ensuring that only the truth is heard. They stop rumors and lies. They are responsible for listening with a neutral ear at all times, and to let none of their personnel feelings for the other members sway them.  Knights do not lower themselves to lies and rumors.  The Knights of Truth ensure that none of us make a mistake that we will regret.
»§« Knights of Wisdom »§«
The Knights of Wisdom are responsible to the guild for keeping emotions from running us. People let the grasp of emotions cloud their judgment at times and say things they do not mean. These Knights are to watch for this to happens, and try to stop it before it can get out of hand.
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