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The Story of  Celtia
The Deep Valley Rift.....place of my birth
Tis a beautiful place I was born.  I often come back home so that I can climb to the high places and allow my imagination to take flight upon the swift winds at the top of the world.  It is here that I renew my spirit so that I can once again face the darkness that threatens the universe.

Celtia is a planet about the size of your planet Earth, but there are only two main continents, Celtia Prime & Celtia Minor, surrounded by vast oceans.  There is said to be a large island shrouded in mist & mystery in the middle of the largest ocean Celtius, but no sailing ship or space ship has ever been able to find it.  Legend has it that this island is the land of the Immortals, and none may enter there until they have finished their destiny.

Our climate is quite mild unless you are high up in the great mountains near the top of Celtia Prime.  The land itself is lush and vibrant with great plains of wild wheat, deep forests with trees uncountable, fertile valleys of emerald green grasses, sparkling blue lakes & rivers, and animal life abundant and varied.  To me it is paradise.

Tirith - capital of Celtia
When I see the shimering white glow of our capital city Tirith, I feel a great joy to be home once again.  The walls & buildings of the city are made of a special stone which is much like rich pearl and is softly luminous.  Whether it is the moon or the sun that shines upon the white city, tis always a beautiful glow.

Surrounding the city are fields so green they are like an emerald jewel which holds in its center one perfect pearl.  Behind the city rises the tri-peaks of our most holy mountains, The Shanades.  It is said that ancient spirits live in their heights and watch over our world.  In the days of darkness on Celtia, the peaks of the Shanade's were covered in a gloomy mist.  Let us hope that the mists upon the peaks forever remain in light.

The Sea of Emerous
One of the largest seas on Celtia is the Emerous, the sea into which the River Anri empties.  Unlike the crystal blue of Celtia's many lakes, Emerous is the color of the finest emerald jewel.  Great and mysterious beasts live in the deep sea, and it is a true act of bravery to sail upon it.  Unlike planet Earth, dolphins & whales are revered on Celtia, and the telepaths long ago established a link which allowed a bond to be established.  They are of great intelligence and have a life force which is pure and unstained by the same desires which drives humanoid lifeforms in a quest for power.

Ships on Celtia are still tooled by hand with loving care given to every detail.  We have long had the technology to make ships of might and steel, but we prefer to become one with the sea in graceful sailing crafts.  No two ships are ever made alike, and each ship's sails is designed to be personal for the ones who sail her.  I sailed once on the amazon ship Ship Adventurous, and it was a glorious experience.  We do have space ship technology, and that is what we use if we simply must get to the other continent quickly.  But I must say, life moves fairly slowly on Celtia.

Elven Swan Craft
When the trees begin to turn the color of gold & copper, then do we take our leisure upon the blessed River Anri.  In all my travels among the stars, never have I seen so beautiful a craft as the Great Swan Boats.  As we float with tranquility, it seems right to sing the ancient songs which tell of our history.

The timeless musical sounds of the river mix with the sweet tones of harps, flutes, fiddles, pipes and bodhran drums.  All along the river people gather to listen to the music and watch the graceful Swan's float serenely in the long journey to the Sea of Emerous.  It is like being in a most pleasant dream of which you hope the dawn is long in coming to wake you.

Please continue to the second page of the story of Celtia.  There I will tell you about the River Anri & the Deep Woods.  I will also tell you a bit about the time of great darkness on Celtia.  I hesitate to speak too much on it since it is not quite assured that the darkness is really gone forever.

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