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       The River Anri & The Deep Woods
The River Anri is the largest river on the planet of Celtia.  She begins in the highest mountain range beyond the Shanades, and ends her journey at the Sea of Emerous.  Near her mountain birth place, the Anri runs wild and untamed with youthful energy.  As she meanders her way toward our capital city, the Anri becomes a beautiful lady full of grace and tranquility.  By the time the Anri has reached the Sea of Emerous, she has become almost like a sea unto herself full with the wisdom born of full maturity.

Along the way Anri passes by the borders of the ancient Deep Woods which holds many secrets.  My history began in those old places when my mother took me to live with her people known as the Elven.  Tis a long story and one that I have told in another place called History of GloriAnon.  It is said that in the heart of the woods is the secret realm of the Unicorns.  There are many other great forests on Celtia, but none have the ancient magic such is found in the Deep Woods.

After visiting the place called Earth, it has become my belief that some of my ancestors must have traveled at one time through the stars and come to rest on that fair planet.  I must say though that some of the stories are not very accurate with the exception of a wonderful one called the Lord of the Rings.

    The Ford of Islen...site of many a battle
There is a dark history on Celtia also.  No one is quite sure where the darkness came from, but a thousand years ago great darkness begin to take hold in secret places.  It would seem that older races from far away stars had decided to make Celtia a place where a great stuggle would be played out.  In those days many heroes arose in the land, and it was the purity of their quest for a just land that prevailed over the darkness.

We not only fought with the sword in those days, we did fight with terrible weapons which I hope to never see again on Celtia.  This is why we now hold so strongly to keeping Celtia a place unspoiled by the same technology that has destroyed the natural beauty & peace of other worlds.



As you can see........Celtia is very much like some places known only as myth & fantasy.  Tis sad that no places like that are to be found on the planet Earth as we know it.........or are there?

Celtia not only is a vision of the charm & magic that lives in the spirit of  cosmic travelers.......it is a concept of how many differnent & talented people can exist on the same planet in harmony.  They join together in the constant struggle against the evil that always seeks to extinquish the light.  Come meet some of those special ones & experience life on Celtia.

And for those of you who seek the unusual, visit also the mythical creatures

Enter & be blessed.  You lend me Grace.

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