On Celtia there is a new heir of Dawnsong, Dawnlight, who is always ready to carry me upon his back for moonlit rides. We are often joined by the fierce wolf Tashlin on these wild rides.  Flying above us you can see playful fire lizards from another planet.  Two of them are bonded friends: Glory is a gold queen, and Tamlin is a beautiful blue.  He likes to frolic with Q'Tre, Bester's fire lizard companion.

Fiona is my Celtic sister on Celtia, and she too is a warrior who wanders through time looking for lost love.  On Celtia she faithfully runs the originalMoon Goddess shop in my absence.  When not fighting dark forces, she creates intricate pieces of fine jewelery & weapons.  She has quite a fondness for dragons which live in the secret places of Lothlorien, along with many other creatures thought to be mere myth in other places.   You may want to pay a visit to the Faery Woods, or the Fae Garden.  Oh...Dragons too!

Celtia is filled with many mysteries & Mythical Creatures ... a land of deep woods and misty mountains. Long ago ancient races (First Ones) visited and lived on Celtia.  They departed from Celtia with no explanation, but they left behind their legacy. Wonderful and amazing technology abounds without the problems that plague other worlds.  The haunting beauty of Celtia was never disturbed as technology entered in.  Celtia then is an interesting combination of charming natural beauty & magical essence, while at the same time having the highest of levels of technology.  For a closer look, see Daily Life.

It is held deeply secret that I am joined with the Technomages, known briefly to the Babylon 5 universe. Very few will ever know the work they have done for thousands of years, but many a fable has been woven to explain these mysterious yet highly scientific ones. Although many of them left for the outer rim, some remained behind to carry on the work of trying to help bring about a better universe for all. During my travels I gathered many new friends.......among them a constant companion Bester.   We have both hadadventures in the Kingdom of Kree, fought side by side with Xena, and gone on dangerous but rewarding quests with the Far Knight.

Bester became a dear and close friend that I learned to trust with my life.A psi one of great talent, he often links with me to overcome the forces of darkness. When in the Kingdom of Kree, we are quite often found relaxing together, but we spend most of our time on Celtia.  And Meeragor has beena valued commander & friend on many a dangerous mission in the far flung reaches of the universe. On one such mission, I helped to rescue the ShadowTakki. I now become the core in his ship, and we have faced great danger together. He is in hiding now after suffering a terrible attack by other Shadows who want him back in their power.

Still I wander, looking for my lost love and seeking to help all those who are in need.  Tis true, I have been seen in the company of a brave warrior, but he remains a mystery; secret one of my heart.  A choice still lies before me, and it weighs heavy on my soul.  Will I choose to be as my father's race and suffer the time of death, or will I find joy in my heart that will help me to choose the immortal way of my mother's people?

I will leave the reader of this story with a poem of my spirit, and with the image that the world sees as me, but never forget that the true nature of one lies not on the surface, but deep in their soul. One who is wise will see themeaning of this cry from my soul.....only the wisest will know.

 Waiting in the Mist
Wrapped up in a mist of mystery,
                            shrouded in its knowing song.
                            I stand waiting ever quietly,
                            in this place my soul belongs.
  Reposing upon steep mountain peaks,
                            floating in peace on the breath of wind.
                            Waiting for the golden dawn of day,
                            thinking too soon I must descend.

  Diving gracefully in springs of time,
                            warm waters caressing me gently.
                            Flowing sensuously over & through me,

                            finally possessing me completely.
  I rise to the kiss of the golden sun,
                            then go dancing gaily on velvet grass.
                            Till exhausted I finally lay peacefully,
                            in sweet fragrance until the day's pass.

 In moonlight & star bathed night,
                            I rise once again to sing of my soul.
                            All through the long night I do play,

                            and call my love to share in my light.
 Written from the heart of Rhiannon

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