Celtia's daily life is always full of surprises, and you never know what the day may bring.  Quite often I have gone flying on the back of a friendly dragon with Bester one day, and the next day we are off on a mission somewhere in the galaxy in either his ship or in Takki.  We may travel to the most exotic places on far-flung worlds, but we always anticipate coming home to Celtia.
Deep in the Great Valley is the center of spiritual life on Celtia.  Two ancient trees lift their mighty branches almost to the heavens as they stand eternally in the center of a large stone circle.  Many joyful gatherings take place here by the light of merry bonfires.These times of spiritual celebration are led by the religious leaders of Celtia.  Some people liken them to the Druids or Wizards of Earth's history.  They do not call what they do magic though, for they have learned to harness the power that is present in all living things.  These gifted men & women are called "Wise Ones" on Celtia, and without their guidance, Celtia would be plunged into chaos.  You can read about them on the pages of history called The Dark Days of Celtia.

During the normal course of daily life on Celtia, you will often find the people there both working & playing hard.  After a long day of taking care of the land, many retire to a local pub to lift a few pints of good ale.  Needless to say, there are occasions when things can get out of hand, but a good fight usually settles everyone down.  I have often had to draw my sword to get the attention of a rowdy crowd, but I have never had to shed any blood.  On Celtia, those of us who are of the Warrior caste have earned respect for the many dangerous missions we have undertaken.

The Warrior caste spends quite a lot of their time patrolling the land.  Ever since Celtia became a part of the galactic trade route, there have been many problems with roving bands of outsiders who only want to strip Celtia of its natural resources.  They think that Celtia is an easy mark since it seems untouched by technology, but they are wrong!  Not only do we have the most advanced technical skills, we also have a high level of telepathic abilities which can be used against unsupecting enemies.  Sometimes it still comes down to just an old fashioned  fight with weapons of steel to preserve the beauty of Celtia.

I hope you don't think we spend all our spare time fighting off invaders.  There is a lot of time for the simple pleasures in life.  I have seen some of our most revered wise ones sitting by the edge of a clear stream happily fishing for hours.  And if you are quiet enough while you are enjoying the gift of the nature, you might just get to catch a glimpse of one of the magical unicorns that live on Celtia.

On Celtia, everyone works together for the good of all that reside there.  The governing body is the united effort of all the residents, and the Capitol building belongs to everyone.  Quite often you will find quite a large crowd there discussing  planetary matters.

I invite you to explore The Dark Days of Celtia

One thing I have noticed about Celtia is that there are a lot of cats running around!

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