The Great Stones of Celtia
During the days of tribulation, a great darkness fell upon all the land of Celtia.  No one is quite sure just how it all began; in fact, it grew so slowly that only the wisest were able to sense the changes.  Those skilled in the ancient arts came together finally to try to find the source of the evil that was casting a dark mist upon both the people and the very heart of nature herself.

The Great Stones of the sacred circle began to vibrate with a strange energy that could be felt by all the telepaths upon Celtia.  One by one they began to gather in the circle of the Great Stones, and together they were able to pierce the veil of darkness.  And so began the great war between the forces of light against the growing darkness.  The wise mages worked day and night with the telepaths in this great struggle, while the rest of the people in the land began to fight both with weapons of steel & high technology.  The war was being waged on many different levels in an effort to defeat both the technically advanced society of Celtia, and also the ancient & powerful forces that resided in places such as the Deep Woods.

The telepaths used  powerful crystals found only on Celtia.  With the help of the wisest mages, they created weapons the like of which Celtia hopes to never see again.  At that time it seemed like it was the only way to overcome the dark forces which were being supported by a strange "Shadow" race.  It was not known then where these terrible Shadows had come from, but many said it must be some sort of hell.  Since that time I have learned more about these Shadows, and I can tell you that they are not from hell, but they do prey upon the deepest of our hidden nightmares.

For many long years the battle raged, and it was feared at times that there would be nothing left standing, no part of Celtia untouched by the darkness.  The Deep Woods were spared by some mysterious force field which kept any dark forces from penetrating them. Throughout Celtia, only the strongest of the fortified Keeps remained intact, and it was in these strong  places that the Army of Light gathered for a last, valiant attempt to overcome the darkness.
At last the final battle for the very heart and soul of Celtia began, and all the forces from both sides gathered at the capital city Tirith.  The blessed Shanades shook from the force of the fighting, and the mists near their peaks turned black with anger.  Even though it was near the noon hour, the sky became coal black like the deepest night.  Out of the darkness rode the terror that was the driving force of the Dark Army; a fiend having no breath of human life.  They say his followers called him Deathrider.

As the evil fiend of darkness approached Tirith's holy gates, one lone warrior rode forth.  Armed only with his crystal, Loran the Wise of the Elven gathered from deep within himself the fullness of Light.  As the two powerful forces met at the gates to the city, all of Celtia began to tremble.  Deathrider cursed all who were in the city and demanded they come forth to die.  Within the city walls, the telepaths linked their minds for one final battle.  Terrible lightning from the heavens  streaked down in fiery bursts upon the enemy spread around the city, a result of the collective focus of all of Celtia's telepaths.  Screams of terror and anguish pierced the darkness, while the evil fiend became enraged and drew his sword of evil to strike Loran.
Loran raised his hand, holding his crystal up so that it faced the enemy.  Concentrating all of his mental energy into the crystal, he refused to move from the gates.  His brave horse DawnLight held steady in the face of such great evil.  Suddenly a pure blast of light was released from the crystal, and the fiend of darkness was totally destroyed in a blaze of fire.  The Army of Darkness was utterly wiped out  then as the Army of Light rode out to finish the battle.  Darkness was banished for a season then from Celtia, and the murky mists withdrew from the peaks of the Shanades.  But it took the next hundred years for the land itself to be healed from all the harm done to it.

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