Glorious Rhiannon was born in the mists of time, in the ancient lands of Celtia. Tragedy marred the time of my awakening to the call of mother earth, and it is only known that my birth was at the time of Samhain. Many now call that day Halloween, but then it was known as the time when the unseen and the seen world would collide. My mother was of the Eldar, Elven fair and immortal. My father no one now can now recall since he was but mortal and was brutally slaughtered by dark ones. Dawneth, my mother, did fall into deep despair and left her people to wander the deep forests until she lay down and dreamed her way to the other side. Left an orphan, I was raised by the people of my mother, and I grew fair and strong under their care.

When I was full of maturity, many said that the kiss of Dawn was upon me, but I can only describe how I appear from the eyes of others, for I always look inward. My skin was fair like my mother's, and my golden wild hairhung down below my waist, never to know the cut of a knife. My eyes theysay are as blue and deep as the most mysterious seas, and my lips are likeripe fruit, all rosy and full of life. My cheeks carry the kiss of the sun uponthem, and my woman's body is full and soft, yet hard from many battles. And I stand tall like my father they say, but I will never know this sadly.

How longingly I remember those early years when I would wander for what seemed like many lifetimes through the magic of song, and dance, and storytelling by only the light of the moon, stars, and prancing bonfires. It was liken to drifting peacefully through some wondrous dream, and my spirit still soars whenever I hear the fair notes of flutes, harps, whistles, pipes, and a merry fiddle.

Once in awhile the dwarf people would come to a great celebration and bring with them their drums a drumming. On these nights a great fire would awaken in my soul and my breathing would quicken with every poundingbeat they did make, until I felt I could stand this ecstasy no longer!  For it was at the time of Imbolic that we celebrated the fullness of fertility with allthe deepest passion that mother earth was filled with. The Eldar would soothe me and tell me that my time would come to find out these mysteries deep in my soul. Until that time they taught me well to turn my passion to the waysof skill in combat, for they saw that my future would be filled with manyquests. The bow and swift arrow were the first I learned to use, and like all my elven family I became deadly and silent in seeking my enemies.

When I was old enough, the fiercest warrior among the eldar, Runewolf, gave me gifts he had forged himself in secret. The first was a fine sword, carved with signs, that I named Evenstar, since it rejoiced with light whendrawn under the stars, and Evenstar was fair and deadly. The second giftwas a small jeweled dagger that I did name Stealth, for it hung in hidingat the back of my gold belt. Runewolf taught me well until my skill wasas great as his.

As I grew in knowledge, I began to entertain a weary traveler that some would call a wizard.  His name is still secret to all, and I simply called him Wise One.  It was he that taught me to harness the power inside mewhose source was the earth itself.  Upon my arm he branded his sign ofthe three mothers, an intricate Triskel.  He also gave me a fine gift that was the purest crystal that any eye had ever seen.  Around my neck this crystal,named Electruss, still hangs; resting upon my breast until I take it into myhand and call upon its power to unite with mine.  It is very dangerous to use such power, for even I fear the terrible storm that can be unleashed;storms both of extremely intense forces of nature and also the blaze ofhighly charged energy. Its power unites with my inner vision, the powerof my mind, and my gift of high levels of telepathy.  My power of telepathyis the most dangerous when united with another strong telepath.

Wise One also taught me to celebrate in ceremonies that honored ones like Lugh, Bridget, and Cernunnos. Happy were we when the seasons would change and we would dance around the bonfires of Summer Solstice & Winter Solstice.  It was on the barren heights that he finallytaught me of passion, underneath the Dolmen's Table in the beauty ofmoonlight.  And many a night we could be seen riding under silver starswith me mounted on a golden steed named Dawnsong.  Since that timeI have always held Dawnsong's memory sacred and named his heirs in memory of him.

Happy was I for many years until the turmoil of the Tuathe de Dannan, or the Faery host did cause us grief.  It would seem that I had caught the jealouseyes of the three war witches; Maeve, Macha, & Morgon.  It was Morgan who stole my Wise One away, and then did they all three seek to take my life.

Broken hearted, I began to roam all the lands of Celtia, never stopping long enough to share my full love with anyone.  I did do battle wherever I went, and always defended the poor, the young, and the weak.  And as I traveleddeep in grief, I continued to study the power of mother earth until I was veryskilled indeed.  Many an enemy would find himself left standing in a daze,not knowing that I had placed a spell upon him that would confuse his mind.And still other enemies would awaken the next morning to wonder how they had come to such deep sleep.  These  "so called spells"  were truly the harnessing of the power that is part of the natural earth of Celtia, and opento me. And woe to him that fell under the charm of my fair image, for as hewould reach up to kiss me, he would find instead my dagger at his throat!

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 but.........beware of the Shadow.

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