Come and visit a mystical place where dreams become reality, and reality becomes but a dream.  Journey to the far reaches of the Universe, and then move deeper still into the realms of fantasy.  Be very is easy to lose your way in the maze of worlds & ideas.  Listen to the music while learning of Celtia, a place filled with beautiful sights and facinating people.  Through the magic of electronic jumpgates, you will be able to travel to the worlds of many others.  I pray that you enjoy your travels.

I will still be here when you return.

History Pages Early & Current History of GloriAnon & her home, Celtia.  Pictures, Stories, Poem & Animations;2 pgs.
Celtia Come visit the people, places & mythical creatures. This is a large gallery of images & stories;8 pages which includes the Unicorn Gallery.
Moon Goddess Visit the mystical shop & check out the waterfall and Shop! For your fantasy shopping pleasure:  Art, Swords,Jewelery, etc
Glori Dances Animation of me dancing (really!)
Takki, A Shadow Come and meet Takki.......if he will let you
Shadow Ships Learn about Shadow ship technology;  Warning!  Animated jumpgates & shadow ships; 2pgs.
Celtic Fantasy Art Original Celtic/Fantasy artwork from Alan Glazerman; Visit this original gallery and browse the 8 pages.
Kingdom of Kree Sister planet of Celtia, follow the white stag; 3 pages
Far Knight A delightful journey with the brave knight; 5 pgs.
Cats, & more Cats Informative & entertaining.  Stories from the paw of Princess and fun animations
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