Moon Goddess

Owned & Operated by GloriAnon

The front of the shop is open and airy, with a variety of plants and flowers growing in rich dirt from Celtia.  The doorway is a rounded arch made of stone surrounding a solid oak door carved with ancient Rune signs.  The interior floor is made up of flagstone layers from Celtia also.

There are several sections to the shop. Celtic & mystical garb hang on hand-carved wooden racks. The book section is filled with a variety of books such as: Celtic lore & hisory, fantasy, dragons, science, original novels & poetry, and a multitude of various art books which also includes beautiful photographic books.  Everywhere you look around the shop you can see displays of original art work from many talented artists. For a peek at one of our artist's work, visit Celtic Fantasy Art.

In the center of the store is a tall glass display with beautiful shelves of crystals, stones, and small carved items.  Another section of the store has larger carved items such as Celtic High Crosses, Dolmens, Dragons, Unicorns, and ancient symbolic figures. There is a jewelry display of handmade items from the craft of Fiona. And another section is stocked with mystical & practical items such as walking sticks and wizard's wands.

Oh...and let's not forget the music section,  stocked with a variety of fine tunes from famous Celtic muscians & musical instruments from the land of Celtia.  And before you leave the shop, stop by the main crystal counter if you are not feeling well.  I stock a variety of herbs from Celtia that can bring relief from many ills that might plague you.

At the back of the store is a majestic waterfall surrounded by large standing stones. These stones are carved with ancient signs called Runes. Sweet smelling flowers gracefully adorn the edge of a large pool where the water joyfully cascades.  I often go there and meditate to the sounds of healing waters, eternally falling like a gentle rain to the pool below.

* Dive into the water & swim to the artist's gallery *

All items in the shop are available for your desire with the exception of a lovely jeweled tree adorned with rubies that were a gift. No money is needed to shop here. I ask only that you choose wisely. Since I strongly object to the corruption that comes from the exchange of money, I ask only that you one day grant a favor.

Fiona waiting for customers

There are currently two shops open. One is located on Celtia, and is overseen by the lovely Fiona. The other shop is open in the Kingdom of Kree. During a joyous gathering at the main Keep, my friend Bester helped me faithfully to set up Moon Goddess to be an exact image to the one on my beloved Celtia. I wish to thank the generous residents of the Keep for allowing me the space. It was especially kind to allow the addition of an interior waterfall. If you would like to see some of the wares available, then please come a little closer.  You may browse through the Jewelery, handle the Swords & Daggers, or you can look at lovely Art & assorted items to accent your special space.

Celtia is a mysterious planet where legends become reality..  It has been said that the First Ones settled there before time as we know it. This might explain some of the mysteries of Earth's Celtic history and the birth of myth in legend & literature. For more information on Celtia, check the history page, or visit Celtia.

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