Dragons are both feared & honored in the land of Celtia.  Those that have dark hearts must be hunted by the warriors.  Those dragons that call themselves friend to the people of Celtia are revered for their great wisdom & loyalty.

At one time in the history of Celtia, evil dragons rose up to burn & destroy the cities. If not for the bravery of the warriors and all the dragons with good hearts, Celtia would have been plunged into chaos & darkness.


I wouldn't want you to be afraid to visit Celtia.  There are also magical creatures there that are thought to exist only as myth in much of the known universe.  Most secret & valued of these creatures are the Unicorns.  They live deep in the oldest of Celtia's forests, and it is rare to even catch a glimpse of one.  Legend in Celtia has it that the Unicorns are the keepers of the light..... that without them Celtia would be plunged into darkness.  Pray that this is never allowed to happen.  If it would please you, browse through my own personal Unicorn gallery.  I have set them up quite nicely as little thumbnails so you can choose which ones you want to view in their full glorious size.  Just follow the running Unicorn.


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