Celtia is filled with interesting and talented women, and I would like you to meet some of them.  They come from the various castes which reflect the Religious, Warrior & Worker.  Unlike the problems this has caused on other worlds, on Celtia the people are united and have the right to choose which caste they wish to belong to.  And sometimes it is possible to belong to more than one of the castes at any given time.  Although I am basically of the Warrior caste, I often perform the duties of either of the other two.  On Celtia you are limited only by the level of your desire so that women are truly equal.

The women on Celtia have a place of high respect within the society.  They can choose to be Warriors, and any male from Celtia would be happy to fight with one of the female Warriors at his side.  The gift of telepathy is equally spread between the males & females.  Many an enemy has fallen from either a well skilled sword stroke, or the powerful unleashing of psi powers.  The mixture of advanced technology and the reverence for the ancient ways has given Celtia's women much more of a choice pursuing their destiny than on other worlds.  Not all women choose to be Warriors though, and many grace the planet with their special talents.  Some climb the high mountains where they dream and allow their minds to be filled with creative ideas, while others wander in the deep woods to learn of its secrets.

Still others have a deep love for the seas of Celtia where they strive to learn the many secrets that the deep waters have.  The very elements of Celtia seem to carry eternal wisdom to those who are open to learn, and visions are not uncommon to the deeply spiritual women of Celtia.


Healers, great ladies, adventurers, warriors........the women of Celtia are united in a strong bond that is felt throughout the land.  They grace the planet with their strength, courage, talents, intelligence, beauty & great love.


It doesn't matter if a woman of Celtia chooses to be a Warrior, a religious leader, or one of the many & very important workers.......just as long as she is fulfilling her destiny.

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