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Welcome to your guide for the many graphics we have provided for your web use.  Some of these sections are continuing to grow, so bookmark this page and return often.  For reliable access, we have mirrored several of the galleries so that you can make the best connection. The two largest sections of materials we have on the web as of now are the background pages and the animation pages.  Each of these sections contains graphics that have been especially picked or designed to give you the best results.  Not only do we provide you with the graphics, we have also prepared tutorials so you can avoid the many problems we have found out there on the web. 
Tiling is a major problem for backgrounds, and we have addressed this.  A great many of the backgrounds are originals created by me, Glori.  I've done quite a bit of background research on the web, and I can honestly say this is one of the largest collections out there.  At this time there are over 60 sections of backgrounds which range from textures to fantasy imgaes. 
Animations have their own set of problems.  One is when the animation has not been set to infinite looping and it stops its action after your page has loaded.  All our animations have been set to infinite looping.  The other big problem is kb size.  All the animations we have provided have been optimized where possible to reduce them to the smallest kb size.  Finally, if they can be made transparent, we have done that.
Paint Shop Pro tutorials.  Very easy to understand tutorials ranging from general info, copy & paste functions, air brushing & clone, borders, using selection tools, resize/resample, batch conversions, color menus, icons, filters & plugins, text, using fillers & how to make those darn transparent gifs!  Also, there are font samples with font downloads, 2 pages of fillers & two great sets of filters & plugins.  This should answer many of those questions I get.

Tubes are a fun thing in PSP. Come visit the tube pages to find some interesting and useful ones for your projects on the web.  Making stained glass in PSP is a beautiful way to make graphics. The Stained Glass Shop has all the supplies you need plus tutorials.

Creative Web Art is new to our graphic collection.  Hundreds of lovely framed art images are available to dress up your web walls.  The thumbnails are in correct ratio aspect so that you can save them if you only want a small accent to hang on your site.  Click on the thumbnails and retrieve a full size image if you want to make a bold statement.  All the photos used are royalty free, so enjoy some great looking art.  All we ask is that you place a link back to that site if you use the images.   Take the wee logo for linking to our graphics.
One of the largest galleries we have at this time will be featured with a separate link.  Whether or not you are a fan of Babylon 5, it's worth a look.  This section has over 96 pages at this time, and is over 27 meg in size.  The Babylon 5 sections have three main areas. 
  • Desktops Images  all 640 x 480
  • Buttons  made by GloriAnon
  • Graphic Art  framed & special effects by GloriAnon

So follow the links below and enjoy!
Backgrounds from GloriAnon
Animations from GloriAnon
Creative Web Art from GloriAnon
Babylon 5 Graphics Central
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
The Christmas Village 
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