As an avid fan of PSP, I find myself giving hints and tips all the time to people who are new to the program, or haven't used one of the many features yet.  I finally decided to set up a user friendly web site that offered tutorials on using PSP, but also offered a bit more.  And don't be turned off by the the 5.0 in the title.  Almost everything I talk about on these pages can also be applied to other versions.  And if there is a difference, I give the instructions for those other versions.

I've written these tutorials in easy to read terms, left the hi-tech stuff behind.  What I intend with these pages is to get you very comfortable with the many features so you will feel more confident to explore on your own.

Since I am a visual person, I've included mounds of screen shots to guide you on your way.  And then when I get you interested in using filters, plugins, fillers & fancy fonts, I provide those things for you too!  I'm especially pleased that I managed to find a way to explain making transparent gifs.
So....just thumb through the table of contents to find a part of PSP you had a question about, download some stuff, or maybe read everything and let me know if you find any problems or have further questions.  You might even get some new ideas!  You can download PSP from Jasc Software.

General 1 General 2 Copy & Paste Selection Tools
Resize/Resample Batch Conversions Framing Air Brush/Clone
Borders Color Menu Text Transparency 1
Transparency 2 Icons Filters/Plugins Fonts 1
Fonts 2 Fillers 1 Fillers 2 Layers
Free Tubes Tube Management Tube Making Index

Tutorials in PSP6
Stained Glass Lamp Stained Glass Shop Fantasy Images Photo Editing

GloriAnon's World of Backgrounds
Visit Glori's World of Backgrounds.
Over 60 sections, well over 1,000 backgrounds!
Framed Web Art
Hang up some art, check out the Creative Web Arts
Lot's of already framed images.
Digital Web Gold
The web's largest source of digital gold and other neat things!
A must see site.

And for some more really great help, check out:
The Paint Shop Pro Papers
Become A Memeber of Graphic Buds
Be sure to visit Graphic Buds.  I've added a whole lot of tutorials over there.  There are several very large tutorials that come packed with lots of goodies to work with.  The fantasy tutorial has dozens of quality photos to work with.  The very large room building tutorial has almost a 1,000 tubes available.

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