Stained Glass Lamps

The Soder Lines

Making a stained glass lamp is not that hard.  To complete this project, you will need several things that I will provide in downloads.  You'll need the lamp top pattern, some small glass pieces, and the pewter preset for Blade Pro.  If you don't wish to use a lamp pattern, please go over to the Stained Glass Shop and pick up a different pattern.

First, open the top part of the lamp, ryp_lamp_03.tub.  You will notice that this is a hanging lamp, but for this tutorial, we'll be making a table lamp.  Go to layers, merge, merge all/flatten.  The pattern is now a black and white image.  Crop off the chain.  Before you go any further, clean up any stray lines, blank spots or grey areas using either black or white with the brush, depending on how you want your soder to look.

Now, if you have cleaned up the pattern correctly, you are ready for the next step.  If you've left grey pixels, you'll find them in the next step.

Use the magic wand to select the black lines.  Open a new, transparent image a bit bigger than the current one.  I made mine 250x200.  Copy the selected black lines and paste them onto the new transparent image.  Deselect them for a moment to check if the lines look good.  If everything looks fine, undo so the lines are all selected again.  If not, use black to touch up any missing areas, or you may have to delete any extra pixels.  Now, select the black lines again with the wand.  Invert.  (To have all the lines selected again, go to Selections, Modify, Select Similar.)  Now all the black lines are selected again.  Go back to Selections, Modify, Expand 1 pixel.  Use the air brush and fill the black and expanded areas with the color White.  Since the black & expanded area is selected, the air brush will only fill that area in.  You can set the size to a full 200, Opacity to 100.

Now use Blade Pro, pewter preset.  Leave the lines selected and put them to one side for now.

*If you don't have Blade Pro, go to this page to see what else you can do.

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