Stained Glass Lamps

The Soder Lines

This is a way you can achieve a soder look without Blade Pro.  Of course, the Blade Pro does make a wonderful soder with one step, so think about getting it.  This method also assumes you have PSP 6. you have your black lines pasted on a larger transparent image, 250x200, you have expanded by 1 pixel, and you have air brushed  with white. don't have Blade Pro, so here's what you do.

Go to the flood fill tool.  Use the settings and the colors in this image and fill the white with the Sunburst.  (that grey is the second shade of grey.)

Now switch to your air brush, still using the Fruit Peel texture.  Use these settings for you air brush, and don't forget to flip the grey to foreground.  Swipe it across your whole image, it will only hit the selected lines.  Just one pass over the image.

Now with the lines still selected, go to Image/Effects/Texture.
Choose texture 42 with these settings.

Now go to Image/Effects/Inner Bevel and use these settings:

Now paste your selected lines over your glass as in the rest of the tutorial directions.

Of course you can feel free to play with the settings I used to get a different effect.

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