Stained Glass Lamps

The Glass Top

Now we are ready to start adding our glass.  Go back to your fixed up top piece and once again make it a transparent image.  (if you are intending on this being a tube, it's best to work as a transparency).  Open and minimize all the glass pieces/colors you are going to use.  I'll give you two downloads of glass as zips.  The one is single colors, the other mixed colors.  They are already reduced in size for making the lamp.  The average is 150 pixels wide.  When you've thought out your color scheme, you are ready to start.  Now here's a good tip.  On my lamp I used some colors in several places.  When you use the magic wand to select your first area for that color, hold down the shift key and use the magic wand on the other areas for that same color.  Now all the areas for the one color/pattern are selected.  Use the fill tool, pattern, to fill each area.  Pick the patterns for the rest, and finish all the other areas.

Now go to your still selected soder lines and copy them.  Paste them on your lamp, matching the exact position of the black lines.  Since you expanded the lines by 1 pixel, that should cover any odd areas.  But if you find there are a few spots after matching the lines up, just do some minor touchups with the paint brush.  I only had a couple of stray pixels.

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