Stained Glass Lamps


Well......this part should be interesting.  I'll show you a couple of ways to make a base for the lamp.  For my first lamp, I used Blade Pro to make my base.  I opened a new, white image; 20x200 pixels.  I then applied the gold_old preset.  You can use any preset you like, or other special effects.

I wanted a nice size area to work on, so I next created a new, transparent image; 250x350 pixels.  I pasted the stand as a new layer so I could move it around.  Now this part is a little strange.  I wanted something that looked base like.  I chose a  gem tube, ryp_gem_50.tub.  I used the wand to select it, inverted, applied the goldold Blade Pro preset.  Important note here:  You must have the jewel selected for the preset to work right on it.  Then I pasted it on as a new layer.

Looks kind of clunky doesn't it?

I made the base layer active, and clicked on the deformation tool.  You can play around with squashing it down, stretching it, etc, until you like it.  Now if I was really ambitious, I could always play around with erasing parts of the two layers to make it look more like the stand was sitting inside the base. :-)

Now I can copy and paste my glass top on as a new layer.
Since everything has been done in layers, I can adjust the height to what I like.

How creative can you be?  The base on the left was a jewel pattern that I applied the pewter in the same way as the earlier soder instructions.  I filled the inside area with glass and used the deform tool to squish it in some.  The second lamp was a combination of a base and a different gold preset on the stand.  I colorized the still selected soder lines from the first lamp to be slightly gold.  Then I just pasted the colorized soder over the pewter soder.

You can be very creative with font dingbats.  Try playing with those to make lamp bases.  I've seen some beautiful versions of the base done in the PSP Tutorial classes that use this lesson.  I think some of my favorites have used a font ding and added special touches like flowers or ivy around the base.  Be creative!

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