Stained Glass Lamps

Transparency & Tubes

I know that some people really hate the transparency part, so I'll try to make it painless.  I want to make a note here that this is just one version of my transparency tutorials.  In this one I have used the bright green, but that's not always going to be a good choice.  If you haven't read over my File Saving Tutorial, I'd advise doing that for a full explaination of working with transparency.  The bright color choices is only going to work well for a clean image with fairly straight lines.  NEVER use a bright color when making a globe transparent!  That's a whole other story!

Before you merge the layers on your lamp, add a new layer.  Fill this layer with what I call the awful green color.  Send it to the bottom.  Now merge your layers.

Use the magic wand with a low tolerance.  I used mine at 10.  Select the lamp, invert so the ants are dancing around the lamp.  Copy it and paste it to a new, transparent image the same size.  Deselect and export as a tube.

Tip:  While the lamp is on the green background, if you see any stray pixels, fix them then.  It's very easy to see them against that color.

If you are working on a project, save the transparent lamp as a psp file to use for things such as room setups.  If you want the lamp to be transparent for a webpage, here are a few tips.

When you have the lamp on the green background, flip the green on the palette to background/bottom.  Use the wand and delete the background.  Don't worry that you still see the green.

Now reduce to a gif.  (Please refer to the File Saving Tutorial for the exact instructions on doing this.)  Use the Set Transparency tool.  Proof.  With your bottom/background color on the bottom part of the palette, it will be saved as a transparent gif.


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