PSP General Tutorial 2

Now that your tools are all set up, you can adjust other preferences in PSP.  For the full set of preference options, go to Preferences and then General.  This will bring up a tabbed selection of preferences.  Some of these preferences will be covered in the topics they pertain to.  Let's just look at the browser preferences, and then undo.

I have set my browser up to view at 80x80, but there are 4 variations that should suit everyone.  I have also made sure that the bottom two boxes have been checked.
With PSP 5.0, you can really up the undo steps.  Since I play with many different effects on an image, I have my undos set for 20.  I've used that many undos too!

When you have added images or changed images in your PSP thumbnail collection, there are two things on the File Menu to use.  One is the Sort command which will allow you to sort the thumbnails by name, the way most people like them sorted.


The other command you might need to use from the File Menu is the Update.  I have to do this when I have the thumbnails open in PSP, and the folder the images are in open also.  If I delete something out of the folder, I then update the gallery.  Other than that, I have adjusted my General Preferences to Update my Thumbnails automatically.


When you right click on an image in the thumbnail gallery, not one that you have double clicked to bring up, you get many options.


This is an easy way to delete, move or rename the image.  Let me show you what happens with the move.  I chose move and it brings this up:


I wanted to move the image from the main folder to a sub folder.  I click on the folder I want it to go to.  The folder will then be highlighted.  You click ok and it moves it.

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