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I set my top tool bar to run in this order: copy, paste as new image, paste as new selection, and paste as transparent selection.


Let's copy one the transparent gif button images I am working on and do several things with it.  Note here:  if you have several images open at the time, make sure you click on the image you want to copy.  The copy command will copy whatever image is highlighted indicating it is selected.  And by open I mean double clicked up from the thumbnail gallery. I have copied the image.  Now I will click on the box next to copy which is paste as new image.  It gives me a second separate copy of the first image.


The copy command is still good, so I'll go on and use the next box, paste as new selection.  This will paste the copied image back onto the image I copied it from in the first place.  You may wonder why I would ever do that, but sometimes I copy portions of a large image to paste that on another part of the image.  In fact, I've used that method several times in the tutorials to move text around to help keep the image kb size small.  While the selection is still highlighted by the broken lines, you can move it to whatever position you want it at.  In fact, you can rotate, flip, mirror, etc.... while it is still selected.


Now for the tricky one, paste as transparent selection.  Warning, it doesn't always work right the first time!  For this tutorial, I will set up a blank new image to paste onto.  To make a new image, go to file and choose new image.  You will notice that you can make it any color, size, or format.  I'm choosing 16 million colors, 100x100 and black.

I try pasting the copied image as a transparent image onto the new black image.  Quite often it doesn't work the first time.  Nope, didn't work right.

What you have to do is to set the transparency again for the image you are pasting.  I don't know why this is, it just is.  So I click on the red/yellow tool and reset the image, proof it, copy it again, then try the paste as transparent selection again.  If you are reading this before the tutorial on making transparencies, you need to look at that for making and setting a transparency.  I give very detailed instructions on all the ins and outs of making a good transparency in that section.

This time it takes, and I have been able to paste a transparent image.  BTW....since you have pasted the transparent gif image onto the new black jpg image, you now save this as a jpg.  There is only one time where you really have to reduce it back to a gif, and that is with text.  For some reason text you make can look pretty bad as a jpg.

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