The question is, do I resize or do I resample?  Resampling does not just resize, it.....well....
resamples the image.  In most cases this is the way to go.  It reduces the kb size greatly, and a lot of times it fixes problems such as those annoying specks on images.  As in most cases with any image edits, the image must be in jpg format.  In other parts of the tutorials, I've covered changing over from gifs to jpgs and vice versa.  But let me say one more time, a lot of image edits and filters require you to work with a jpg instead of a gif which only has 256 colors.


You will notice that I chose the Bilinear resample as the best way to resample. this time the "maintain aspect ratio" is checked.  When you are making a thumbnail gallery for the web, you will need to uncheck that so you can make the thumbnails all the same size as shown in the image below.


I have unchecked the maintain ratio, and I have set the size of the thumbnail to be 50x50.  I will then go on to resize all the images to that same size for a thumbnail gallery.  One note here though.  When I have a gallery with half the images being wide, and the other half being tall, I will set up two galleries so as to not distort the images too much. other words I might have half the gallery as 100x75 and the other half as 75x100.  When you set them up for a web page you then make two tables.

If the Resample changes your image in a way you don't like, then you set the resize to operate as Pixels instead.

For the most part though, I use the Resample as the best way to resize or reduce an image.

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