Batch Conversions

So you have a gallery pulled up in one format and you want them to all be in another one.  This will be important if you want to convert images for the web.  For our purposes, I will convert the jpgs I have in my thumbnail gallery to gifs.  I have the thumbnail gallery for the psp tutorial open in PSP.  I click on the icon for batch conversions as shown below and it brings up this window.

At this point I haven't done anything, and I will have to change the output settings to gifs.


Now that I have set what format I want the files converted to,
I have to select where I want them to go

I click the browse button, then the window comes up for me to choose the folder where I want to place the converted images.  I have chosen to place them in the same folder they are already in, but you may want to set up a sub folder to separate the conversions.  The folder is highlighted, so I say OK.  Now my Output Settings and my Output Folder have been set up.  The last thing I need to do is to start the batch conversion.  I click on slect all, and all the jpgs will be converted to gifs and placed in the same folder.

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