Air Brushing & Clone Tools

Air Brushing Images

There are many times you might want to airbrush something.  I recommend air brushing in jpg format versus gif, it looks much better.  Air Brushing will cover an area with a fine spray of color.  Use the eye dropper to select the air brush color if you want to match a section of the image.  To pick up the color with the eye dropper, select the eye dropper tool, then left click on the color you want to copy in the image.  This will change the top color box to the far right of your PSP window.Click on your air brush, then bring up the control toggle.  You can test out the size of the air brush on your image, then use undo if it's wrong like in the example I am going to show below.

The size was way too big, and I had the opacity turned down.  If you want a more solid cover, turn up the opacity.  Keep playing with the brush size until it matches the area you want to cover.

The Clone Brush

The clone brushes:  You can do some interesting things with them.  As with all the other tools such as paint, air brushing, magic will need to bring up the control toggle to adjust the size of the clone tool.  I'll show you how the clone would look.  First I'm going to pull up a dragon image, then I'm going to set my clone brush at full size, 200.  Then I will right click over the area I want to clone, then I will move the clone brush over to the area where I want to place the clone, and left click.  You have to play with the size of the clone brush and where you position both the right click pick up and the left click drop off, but it's worth it.

I now have two more dragons in my image.

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