You can make borders or frames several ways in PSP.  You can just open up an image, select a border area with the square selection tool, and then invert the selection.  Then you can go into the filters if you have used my filter section of the tutorial and use one of the fractual magic filters.  Then while the border area is still selected, go to Image, Blur, Gaussian blur.....(around level 2 or 3) and you end up with a pretty border that way.  Then you click to remove the selection lines and you can go to the Toadie filters and bevel the border.  Or you might prefer using the PSP Buttonize to finish the border up. might not want to interfere with any part of your image, so you will have to add a blank border first.  On the top toolbar I placed an icon for borders.  I'm going to add a plain border to my image using this.


Remember that when you are adding a border this way, it will be whatever color the bottom color in the 2 color boxes is.  Now what if I wanted to fill that border in with some special filler I had?  I use the square select tool and carefully select an area just on the line where the border and the image meet.  Then I invert the selection.  Next I click on the fill tool.  I bring up the control toggle and change the fill to pattern.  Now this part is important.  If you want to use a fill pattern, you have to have that image OPEN.  I opened one of my fills for this tutorial.  If you check the section called fillers, you will find a collection of my favorites that you can save.  Once you have chosen pattern, go to options.  If you DO have your fill image opened, it will show up and you can choose it.  And if you don't want to add plugins to your PSP, you can follow the steps from above with filters and use the Gaussian blur on the filler border.


Left click on the area of the border with your fill tool and it will be filled with the pattern you chose.  Now just use the select tool to remove the lines.


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