Using the Colors Menu

I use two of the settings under the Colors menu quite often.  The adjust RGB command, and the Colorize command.  Most people think you use these edits to adjust or correct color.  I like to use them to create different looks to the same image.  Here is what happens using the RGB:

You can fool around with different combinations of the Red/Green/Blue color values and come up with some interesting variations of an image.  Or I suppose you could just use them to correct the color of an image or photo.

The Colorize option gives a variety of colors and shading in Reds, Blues & Greens when combining changes in Hue and Saturation.  As with the RGB, sometimes you just have to play until you find something you really like.  Here is the same dragon picture using the Colorize.
If you look carefully you will notice that when you use Colorize, you end up with just one color.  The dragon is now shaded in variations of the color Blue.  You have to pick and choose which images to use the RGB adjustments with, and which images will work well using the Colorize.

Now what would happen if you used the Grey Scale under the Colors menu?

If you want to test out the RGB on the new grey scale dragon, you will have to use the Increase Color arrow.  Then try the RGB again and see if you notice any differences.

The first image is Grey Scale, the second image is the grey scaled image after using the same settings of the earlier RGB adjustment.  The third image is how it originally looked using the RGB before we turned it into grey scale.  You might have missed finding that particular color if you hadn't played with the Grey Scale.

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