Making Icons in PSP

You can make icons in PSP, but there is a little trick to it.  First let's pick an image to turn into an icon.  I'm going to use a friend's dolphin image.  It's a bit taller than it is wide, so I'm going to try and square it up a bit by eye.  Then when it looks pretty square, I'm going to resize it to 45x45, the typical icon size.  Unless you have started with a perfectly square image, make sure you uncheck maintain aspect ratio.  If you have any resizing questions, check that part of the tutorial.
I did two examples of the dolphin as an icon.  First I made the simple 45x45 resize.  I thought it could use a border, so I went back and resized the image at 41x41 and then added a 2 pixel black border.  You have to remember that when you add a border to double the pixel count when figuring overall size.  I now have two images I want to save as icons.  I go to the File Menu, choose save as, and scroll down to Windows bmp.  In the file name box I then type in dolphin.ico.  The image is really a bmp, but you have fooled it into accepting the image as an icon.

If you want a transparent icon, the background has to be a solid white or black.  There is a shade of blue that will become transparent, but it's a bit hard to get the right color.

I'm going to give you a few of the icons we have made plus a few of our favorites we have found.  And of course there are some cat icons in the zip, but hey.....I do have 6 cats!  I do think you will like our pretty abstract icons.  If you were to save all of these to a folder and then browse them with PSP, you would notice that some of them like the Celtic ones don't show up.    That's because they are a true icon and not a bmp pretending to be an icon.  Oh well.....they work as icons, that's what counts!  Most of these icons are 45x45, but a few are 32x32.  You will note if you view them in PSP that some of them seem to have a white or black background, but they become transparent on the desktop.  Oh...and there is even one or two with that particular shade of blue.  Here's a wee preview of the zip file.

Download the icons, 55kb

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