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FAQ Read First:
This is everything I know about getting your plugins to work in PSP. I setup these pages to answer those questions. I still get a lot of email saying that the plugins still do not work. I can't do anymore than what I show you here. Please read all these instructions carefully. Due to the amount of work I have to do in a day, I can no longer repeat these steps in email.

1.  There is a 99% chance your filters or plugins will not work unless you have one Adobe program installed.  If they don't work and you don't have any Adobe installed, go to their website and download a free trial of an  Adobe Graphic Program.

1b. Here is the plugin.dll file, 15kb.  Please!  When you unzip the plugin zip, unzip it into your Window's folder!  It will place the plugin.dll there.  You can also get the plugin.dll after installing Photo Deluxe.  Look in the Deluxe folder when it's installed and that plugin.dll will be there.  You can just copy and paste it into your Window's system folder.

2.  You need to have the the following file in your Window's system folder.  Msvcrt10.dll.

3.  Places like the Filter Factory have filter downloads in a format that must be converted.  To convert them, you need the Plugin Commander.  Go to that site, and on the left navigation choose tools, then Plugin Commander.  If in doubt, download whatever is available.  Some people have written to me asking why their PICO did not work.  I asked if they downloaded all the files there, and the answer was No.  So you should get everything because chances are you will need it.  There is also a tutorial link there for using PICO.

4.  I will give you some great links for filters, but.....that can be a bit tricky.  To save space many places are offering filters in the format that has to be converted with the PICO program.  And.....if you put too many filters in your PSP, either the filters will take too long to load, or they won't load at all.  So don't go filter crazy, use some common sense.  The ones I am going to give you should hold you for awhile.

Now, go to the Windows Explorer, find your PSP and double click or open it.  Make a folder that says Plugins.  Inside of Plugins make another folder, a sub folder, called filters.  Why?  I read one of the tutorials on setting up filters in PSP and the suggestion was to not put them all in the same folder since there could be some conflicts.  I've split my filters so that the ones from Filter Factory go in the filters folder, and the rest go in the Plugin folder.  Now that you have put your filters in their folders, go to the General Preferences in PSP.  You have to point the Plugins to the location of the plugin folder.  Since you will be placing all the plugins/filters in the PSP Plugins folder, that's the only folder you have to point the plugins to, Not the sub folder too.

If you have set everything up correctly, and made sure you have the plugin.ocx in the Window's files, and the plugin.dll in your window's system files, you should be able to now use your plugins. Make sure you are working with an image that is 16million colors.  The filters do not work on gifs.  Filters are at the bottom of the list when you click on Image on the top toolbar.

I used to have two zip files of converted filters here for those who have problems converting them.  But this was causing some problems, so I'm going to have to just send you to Filter Factory and then to Plugin Commander for the program to convert them.  If you run into any problems, email me with your questions.

I've had a lot of email from people having some problems getting their filters to work.  Most of the time it was something simple like needing to install just one Adobe program.

Click here for a more detailed page with screen captures on this.  Please allow a minute for that page to load since it has several screen caputures on it.

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