Using Filters with PSP: Part 2

The following screen captures goes into some detail about how your setup should look.  In this first capture, I've downloaded my own zip of filter factory filters.  This is how a plugin or filter looks, with the 8bf extension.

Now, if you've downloaded both of the zips from the previous page, I would suggest putting the first zip in the main Plugins folder you created in PSP.  Then make a sub folder inside that folder and name it filters or factory.  Remember, when you setup your Preferences to point to the folder, you ONLY point it to the main Plugins folder, NOT the sub folder!

The following screen captures are to double check the system files and show where mine are located.  Take note that the plugin.dll is in my main Windows folder.  The plugin.ocx is in the window's system folder.

This next image shows where I got the plugin.dll.  When I installed Adobe Photo Deluxe, it installed the plugin.dll in the main Adobe folder.  I copied and pasted that dll into my main Window's folder.

This next capture shows my plugin folders in my PSP.  I have so many plugins, I've actually created a second Plugins folder.  Until I redid my system recently, I've had the nagging little problem of having to switch Preferences everytime I wanted to switch plugin folders.  But since I upgraded to a PII with 256 RAM, now I can have the Preferences point to both folders and the plugins and filters will all open.  I don't recommend you do this unless you have lots of memory!  Go slowly with how many plugins you add until you see how your system can handle them.  Long ago I put too many filters and plugins in my PSP, and they wouldn't open.

This is how my Preferences for my Plugins is now setup.  I can have my PSP pointing to both Plugins folders now and all my filters will open.  In case you are wondering, that second Plugins2 contains Blade Pro and ULead FX.  I highly recommend both of these additions if your system can handle them.  They are well worth the money!

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Blade Pro:

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